Rob's new book is available! Invisible Paw Prints is the account of Rob Kortus and his experiences with his therapy dog Sophie, visiting adults and children who are battling illnesses. You will feel the positive energy that Sophie the border collie brings into hospitals and nursing homes and how a therapy dog can make a significant difference in often-grim situations. Available at bookstores

Next Group Basic Obedience Course begins May 31, 2017


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When you need a certified professional dog trainer, look no further than Commander-in-Leash Dog Obedience & Behavior Training®. We deliver. 


Commander-in-Leash Dog Obedience & Behavior Training® was founded by Rob Kortus.  Rob understands methods of instruction and this is what separates him from the rest of the dog trainers. He easily tailors his lessons to the proficiency level of each canine owner. This is vitally important to ensure success. 

Our standards are high. Over 2,400 hours (majority  hands-on training) & studies at Jo Thor's Dog Trainers' Academy. We are in a league of our own. Commander-in-Leash® is synonymous with "the Highest Quality" in dog training. Don't settle for online school, in-house trained, nor non-school state accredited dog trainers.

We produce positive results.


When you're dealing with an animal who is your canine companion, the tools you are taught can be the difference between moving forward and struggling day-to-day. At Commander-in-Leash®, we're "committed" to ensuring you have the best tools to succeed.


Train. Don't Complain.

- Bachelor of Science  in Professional aeronautics

- Master of arts in  Organizational management
- canine good citizen evaluator

- akc S.T.A.R. puppy evaluator 

- therapy dog tester/observer

- master dog trainer & educator

There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At Commander-in-Leash®, we take pride in our professionalism and knowledge. Moreover, we ensure we focus on commitment, quality, and reliability.

Work with the best.





It seems to be old fashioned nowadays, but we do what we say we're going to do. Our word is our promise, and that applies to being professional and meeting our customers needs. At Commander-in-Leash®, we will return calls, emails, texts in a timely manner. We will be on time for lessons and if not, we will ensure you are notified.


We work with integrity.