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meet Wallace

Chocolate Border Collie (purebred)

Wallace was a previous client's puppy and given to Rob. Wallace came from a breeder and is 12 weeks old as of May 2016. Wallace is already showing signs of great intelligence...a Border Collie trait. Rob will train Wallace to become a wonderful therapy dog like Sophie and show off with LOTS of tricks to children and seniors! See Wallace in early obedience training at 3 months and intermediate/advanced at 5 months of age.    BASIC OBEDIENCE      INT/ADVANCED

Rob's philosophy is simple. Consistency is the key to success in dog training. The only way a canine can become proficient in a task is through repetition. ​Leadership based and positive reinforcement techniques will produce results. More importantly, you, the handler must invest the necessary time to ensure success.

Our services are geared toward tailoring our training to proficiency level of the handler/owner. We will build your confidence so you feel like the pack leader of your canine companion. We will teach you how to gain your canines attention and for your canine to maintain that attention.


When you've been in business for several years, you learn a few things. We not only have simple solutions and techniques for almost every canine companion problem, we have the patience to get you to your goals. And, like a tattoo artist who performs cover ups over bad tattoos, we provide a remedy from past training that did not meet your expectations. Begin training with us. 

We are insured through the Pet Care Affiliates of Carolina. Ensure your selected trainer is covered.

For Group Basic Obedience Classes, click here: Train! Don't Complain!

We ask that your dogs vaccinations are up-to-date (vaccinations of Distemper, Bordatella, Rabies). In addition, we ask that your dog be on a flea prevention system.  

Pricing  for Private in-home lessons
Use the contact page or call Rob to request pricing. *Additional costs will be added for excess mileage to destination for private lessons. We accept major credit cards, checks and cash. Remember, we come to you with private lessons!




We thank all of our past clients for their testimonials. These are the words straight from our customers and how they felt about the changes in their canine companions.  ​The rest will speak for itself. ​​We know that your canine companions are not just possessions but family members to all owners. Dogimonials

meet sulley

Chocolate Lab (Mix)

Sulley was rescued from the Atlanta Humane Society in 2015 as a pup. Sulley is being trained in Search and Rescue (SAR) and has done a fabulous job! Here is Sulley in action in both day and night SAR training operations.         NIGHT                 DAY

Your Trainer (Rob Kortus) studied under the nationally known academy owner and founder, Joan Lask and is a Master Dog Educator & Trainer graduate from Jo Thor's Dog Trainers' Academy which is accredited by the State of Georgia Postsecondary Education Commission & Vocational Institution. Rob wrote the Search and Rescue training curriculum for the academy.

Let us assist you in determining your canine training needs. From group and private basic obedience training to customized training plans, Commander-in-Leash® has you covered. ​Rob is honored to train canines at Happy Dog Cafe, Boutique & Spa Inc in Belmont, NC 

- Group basic obedience

- private basic obedience

- behavioral modification (aggression, separation anxiety, chewing, barking, etc.)

- Tricks

- Search and rescue


- protection training  


- television commercial/photo shoots 
-advanced obedience 

- Therapy dog testing (Invisible Paw Prints, Inc.)

- agility

- Canine good citizen testing

-  consultations
meet Sophie

Border Collie (purebred)

Sophie was rescued in Asheville, NC in 2010. She is not only our demo dog but also a registered therapy dog and CGC. She visits many organizations in the Charlotte area providing great therapy to many people. Here is Sophie along for my birthday ride and assisting with training!         TRICKS         HELICOPTER RIDE        TRAINING

The November 7th class is full. Next Group Class is Jan 9, 2019. Reserve your place here: GROUP CLASS


dog obedience

and behavior training

Commander in Leash selected in the Top 13 best dog training companies out of 157 companies in the Charlotte area                   (Expertise.com, 2018)                     

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meet rOB

Advanced Master Dog Trainer & Educator

As a young man working at a veterinarian hospital, Rob's passion for working with animals began. Now, a certified professional dog trainer (over 2,400 hours of Academy training/majority hands on with canine) and entreprenuer, Rob spends his days assisting clients with their canine training needs. He resides in Charlotte with his three loyal canine companions, Sophie, Sulley, & Wallace. Rob's most recent volunteer trip was to Belize where he spent time at a local school and humane society as well as teaching dog training to some locals.