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Next Group Basic Obedience Course begins

Nov 7th (Wednesday at 6 PM)

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FUTURE CLASSES BEGIN:  Dec 19th (private in-home lessons available)

The BIG Question you need to ask yourself is this:

Your canine companion will live on average 10-15 years (or longer). So ask yourself this question. Do I want to battle with a disobedient dog  for his or her lifetime?

Your answer to the above question is most likely, "No." 

By investing a little time and money, you can assist in building a solid foundation of obedience and respect in your dog through basic obedience dog training. 

Your dog will become an "obedient canine companion" instead of a "disobedient dog" whom you have no control over.

If your answer was "no," give me a call, let's get started!

What will be your dog's legacy?